Ashley McKeachie’s Bio

Ashley McKeachie

Ashley McKeachie is a registered yoga instructor, yoga educator, and yoga therapist, who received her yoga therapy training and certification through Loyola Marymount University, completing the four year 800-hour clinical program in 2014. She graduated with her Masters Degree in Yoga Studies at Loyola Marymount University in May 2017. Ashley spends half her time working as a yoga therapist, where she uses the tools of yoga to help alleviate the symptoms associated with chronic pain, and the other half as part-time faculty at Orange Coast College, leading and facilitating their Yoga Instructor Training Program. Along with private yoga therapy appointments, she teaches numerous types of group yoga classes at facilities like University of California Irvine and Kingston Technologies, which may include Yoga Therapy, Vinyasa, Power, Yin, Restorative, Chair, and Prime Of Life Yoga™.

Ashley began her yoga journey in January 2010, with a background of over twenty years of ballet, jazz, and modern dance. After being diagnosed with thyroid disease in 2006, Ashley went through two sessions of radioactive iodine to reduce the size of her overactive thyroid. The radiation left her feeling lethargic, weak, unmotivated, and desperate for better overall health. Yoga completely changed Ashley's body, making her the strongest she has ever been, and continues to challenge her mind and spirit with new asanas and breathing techniques. Ashley brings encouragement, hands-on adjustments, visualization, and themes to her yoga privates and classes. She welcomes all types of students, especially those who are looking for a real change, not only physically, but physiologically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Ashley's mission is to source the power of yoga, the mind, body, and spirit connection that creates joy, fluidity, freedom, and an overwhelming sense of safety and peace. Ashley believes that yoga gives you the confidence to know and feel that everything is as it should be, and you are already perfect exactly the way you are.